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Ad Hoc Stoppers

Torrent Group set itself the challenge of developing “ad hoc” customized stoppers in order to meet the specific needs our customers and markets. Our professional trajectory has been one of continuous improvement and innovation has been a crucial factor for our company becoming a leader in the non-refillable closure sector. The premium customized stoppers that adapt to the brand and packaging of our customers’ products are the best example of this.

Customised premium stoppers adjusted to the needs of our customers

By using the finest materials, such as cork and microgranulate, or the most versatile, such as zamak, and the safest, such as polymer, the possibilities of creating a customized closure solution following the product branding requirements are endless.

In such a competitive market, non-refillable “ad hoc” stoppers bring an added value to the branding of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) and spirits. Our Innovation and Development department is trendsetting. We combine aesthetics, safety, design and functionality in our customized stoppers. With our “ad hoc” stoppers, the marketing of spirits, beverages and EVOO delivers excellence through exclusivity.

We complete the quality of our closures’ packaging with elegance and the style that defines the corporate brand and identity it represents. We know that a good product is defined by its design. Torrent Group helps you take care of the smallest detail by completing the branding of your bottles with our customized stoppers.

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The Bartop stopper is a closure that ensures the quality of liqueurs and spirits

Our line of high-quality BarTop stoppers, tailor-made for each project, meet the fundamental requirements of our company’s mission: safety, sustainability and the relentless pursuit of improving the consumer experience.

Characteristics of BarTop stoppers:

  • The stopper’s shank is the part of the stopper that is in contact with the liquid. It must therefore be prepared to withstand the highest demands. 
  • At Torrent Closures, we produce BarTop stoppers made only from microgranulated natural cork. We oversee the entire cork disinfection process and we use all the material in the form of cork powder. In addition, and thanks to the production process, we do not generate waste when it comes to adjusting the final cut of the stoppers. This is therefore a 100%-sustainable stopper.

Therefore, we guarantee an improved option for the traditional cork stopper through the use of micro-granulated cork powder. This material provides multiple benefits. By optimizing the consumption of material, the result obtained is finer.

And how do we do it? The natural microgranulation preserves the organoleptic quality of liqueurs and spirits because it maintains the positive properties of a fine, natural and renewable material such as natural cork. Its advantage lies in its ability to counter some disadvantages (TCA, low productivity, porosity and the impossibility of adapting the product, amongst others). The part of the cork that is in contact with liquors, spirits and wine is the most important because it keeps the product in good condition.

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As we have stated, our microgranulated stopper guarantees:

  1. Exhaustive TCA monitoring of the cork grain and the finished stopper through a system developed by Torrent. No unwanted smells and tastes
  2. No cork particles sediment, which can occur with natural cork
  3. No dust particles sediment, as we disinfect the grain and the cork
  4. It’s a sustainable product
  5. All the stoppers work the same mechanically, as we control their density one by one, stopper by stopper, to prevent flaws
  6. It is made entirely in-house, in the Alcornocales Natural Park, and therefore supports the circular economy

On the other hand, the crown of the BarTop stopper, which is the upper end of the closure, consists of a capsule that can be made of wood, bio-based polymer, metal (aluminium), porcelain, glass or other fine materials. The stopper’s crown is a unique, customer-specific design. In fact, in the Earth Range, the cork is visible and takes on a key visual and aesthetic role by having a larger crown. At Torrent Closure, parts are put together without glue and the crown does not have any ink. Plus, in the event that the closure requires special decoration, this is done with a laser, instead of the widely used solvent ink.

The sum of all these parts is a closure solution that is:

  • 100%-Sustainable. That means being responsible for the environment in terms of reusing waste.
  • Safe: The use of Microgranulate means that the product is not contaminated. Therefore, it guarantees the quality of the products with which it is used in the food sector.
  • Functionality for the user: opening the container is convenient. Care is taken with product packaging, value added and the customer’s requirements and needs met.

Earth Statement

We human beings are increasingly aware of the importance of respecting and preserving our most precious asset: the Earth. It is an asset that belongs to us all: we are all responsible for it and only it can guarantee our survival as a species.

Countries, businesses and citizens In general are all looking for new ways of consuming, communicating and working, and to be able to restore balance to the broken ecosystem. Sustainability, recyclability, circularity, carbon footprint, eco-processes and eco-designs are concepts that are already part of our day-to-day lives and our common language.

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The Torrent Group was founded over 105 years ago upon cork, one of the finest and most sustainable materials in existence. From that day until the present, our company’s vocation has always been to make sustainability one of our strategic priorities.

Earth is the expression of that return to our roots, to the land, to cork. It is a new concept where the cork is the protagonist, emerging from the bottle. The combination of this with other natural elements such as wood, bioplastics and metals, is a return to pure and simple forms.