Pilfer / Stelcap stopper for liqueurs and spirits

The glass pilfer/stelcap bottle mouth is the option mostly chosen by bottlers of liqueurs and spirits. This packaging system, in which the bottle, pouring stopper and their correct application through screw-on capper work together, overcomes the most extreme logistical conditions, ensuring that the product remains in perfect condition until its consumption.

For this packaging, we have a wide range of Pilfer/Stelcap stoppers with different lengths and standardized measurements, prepared according to customer requirements or the desired customer experience. All enable their decoration to achieve a greater impact on the shelf, influencing the consumer’s purchase decision. Also, the metal finish conveys a greater added value. 

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Pilfer Stoppers that help to enhance the user experience

With the different designs of Pilfer/Stelcap stopper, we obtain different levels of pouring, ensure non-refillability or maximize control, seeking the best consumer experience and influencing repeat purchases. 

The long consumption time of these packages makes consumers multiply their interactions with their product. The Torrent Group ensures the functionality of the bottle and maximizes user experience. At Torrent, we like to say that we face over 150 moments of truth.

The Pilfer Stelcap stopper in a competitive market

The quality and integration of all decorative processes at Torrent, in addition to an expert design and pre-printing department, means that we can meet the highest expectations and grow in value in a highly competitive market.

Technically, the pourer stopper is made of an aluminium cap obtained through simple encapsulation. Through a complex design, it mechanically supports the plug pourer and confirms the first opening following its application through the breaking of die-cut points. This mechanical skip-the-line assembly enables the separation of materials whose composition means they are recyclable: aluminium, polypropylene and polyethylene. The aluminium supplied by our supplier comes from at least 90% recycled material, in part externally sourced and in part sourced from its own processes.

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