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Stoppers for EVOO and vinegars

Torrent Group is a world leader in the production of stoppers for Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) and vinegars. Our non-refillable closure solutions guarantee the source of the oil from bottling to consumption. 

We have a wide variety of customized closure solutions, according to the needs of our customers. Torrent Innova sets trends. We combine safety, design, aesthetics and functionality in the development and production of non-refillable closures. With the broad portfolio of our customized “Ad Hoc” closures, the EVOO and vinegar stoppers guarantee excellence through exclusivity.

Advantages of stoppers for EVOO and vinegars

Easy opening and closing, an improved seal, competitive price and many decorative options are the decisive advantages of our EVOO stoppers and vinegars. We have a wide variety of dispenser systems, which enables us to cover any request for discharge level from customers.

The glass bottle mouth Pilfer/Stelcap is the option most widely chosen by bottlers of EVOO, vinegar, sauces and other high-quality oils. This packaging system, in which the bottle, pouring stopper and their correct application through screw-on capper work together, overcomes the most extreme logistical conditions, guaranteeing the perfect condition of the product until its consumption.

The glass bottle mouth, referred to as NPN in the market, complies with widest glass pressure closure regulations in the liqueur and spirits sector, and is highly sensitive to counterfeiting, fraud and sabotage. Our stoppers use a drop-stopper system to prevent bottles from being stained after use.

The Torrent Group also provides stopper solutions for ROPP-type Extra Virgin Olive Oil.