ISO 9001 2015: focus on quality and continuous improvement at Torrent Group

The ISO 9001 2015 standard is the most widespread and recognized quality management standard worldwide, enabling companies to meet the expectations and needs of their customers by managing the quality of processes through continuous improvement.

The focus on quality and continuous improvement prepares the company to take advantage of the new opportunities of a market in constant development, and enables it to transmit its commitment to quality to its customers, suppliers and employees.



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Requirements of standard ISO 9001 2015

  • Know the key internal and external factors in achieving the purpose of the organization.
  • Analyse the expectations of interested parties in organizations.
  • Define the scope of the Quality Management System will have (QMS); that is, the limits of its application.
  • Ensure the application of QMS requirements in each and every one of the organizational processes.
  • Know the strengths and weaknesses of an organization in order to evaluate the impact on its productive capacity.
  • Establish quality policies and objectives.
  • Assign responsibilities within the QMS and provide the necessary resources.
  • Establish the need to plan the actions required to deal with risks and opportunities. Design the way to integrate them into all QMS processes and be able to subsequently evaluate the effectiveness of its application.
  • It requires the need for the organization to take responsibility for determining the resources required for the execution of the QMS, as well as its maintenance and improvement.
  • The implementation of all planned plans as well as defined processes must comply with customer demands and the requirements established in terms of the design of the products and services.
  • It summarizes the requirements needed for the monitoring and measurement of the QMS, followed by analysis and evaluation in order to define factors to be measured and the method to be followed.
  • The organization must constantly measure and evaluate its effectiveness in order to prevent risks and non-conformities and make continuous improvements. Therefore, when non-compliance occurs, not only should a response be given in order to solve the incident and take measures in order that it does not occur again in the future, but also, the effectiveness of its application must be subsequently analysed.

Advantages of the standard ISO 9001 2015

  • Enables the company to become a reliable competitor for customers and consumers.
  • Increases business opportunities.
  • Establishes effective work methods that save time, money and resources.
  • Increases the level of staff commitment.
  • Recognizes quality management at an international level.
  • Detects opportunities and risks in a structured way.
  • Helps to create a complete vision of the organizational context in order to increase the effectiveness of risk management.
  • Improves supplier management.
  • Aligns objectives with quality management. Optimizes communication throughout the supply chain.
  • Focuses on planning and leadership.
  • Is compatible with other standards because of its worldwide scope.