Torrent Group Africa

In 2017, Torrent Group strengthened its presence in the world closure solutions market, thanks to the start-up of a production plant in Nairobi (Kenya). The 8,850m2 factory has enabled our group to get closer to Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) customers and therefore improve production by reducing manufacturing and shipping costs.

Torrent África, our production plant in Kenya.

We currently produce two security models at Torrent Africa. The Standard Nip and the Nip Plus. These plastic closure solutions are easy to apply vertically to the bottle. However, the stoppers are destroyed if they are tampered with or extracted, or in the event of counterfeiting or refilling. That means that it is clear if the bottle has been opened beforehand. We can say that the security measures are excellent.

Nip Standard and Nip Plus stoppers are also highly versatile in their decoration, enhancing the exclusivity of their designs. That’s how we provide our stoppers with added value and cover our customers’ requirements concerning their product’s packaging. Nip Standard and Nip Plus can be decorated in different colours on the head and side, and are suited particular well to embossing on the head and bas-relief on the side. The tear tabs of these closures can be decorated.

Torrent Africa helps prevent counterfeiting and refilling.

Moreover, intelligent inks can be used on the stoppers we manufacture at our Torrent Africa production plant through decorative and laser processes. This enables easy detection of tampering with the stopper. It is an important deterrent to counterfeiting and refilling.

Our objective is to prevent counterfeiting and refilling of liqueurs in order to avoid the high level of poisonings that occur in Africa.

For the Torrent Group, our Torrent Africa plant represents an ambitious international project that strengthens our policy and company philosophy of always being close to our customers.