Torrent Group Spain

Our four production plants in Spain lead the manufacturing process for aluminium, plastic and cork closures. Located in Jerez de la Frontera and El Puerto de Santa María, in Cádiz province, the central factories produce closures for the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, liqueur, spirits and wine sectors. Their location in Cádiz, in Southern Europe, supports the national and international distribution of our stoppers.

The factory in El Puerto de Santa María manufactures non-refilliable plastic stoppers for EVOO, liqueurs and spirits, as well as producing all the plastic components required for aluminium and cork closures. Torrent Group is the leading manufacturer of Extra Virgin Olive Oil stoppers in the world and the second in liqueurs and spirits.

The El Puerto de Santa María stopper factory also oversees the production of non-refillable plastic stoppers and components for other types of closures for Torrent Group Spain and its R + D + i and Innovation, Engineering, Injection Moulding and Administration Departments. They are the alma mater of non-refillable and Ad Hoc stopper production.

Torrent Group Spain and the EcoResponsibility company mission

In keeping with our philosophy of being EcoResponsible with our company mission, the raw material used to manufacture our stoppers throughout the Torrent Group production plants in Spain is 100% recyclable. Furthermore, a large number of machinery do not use hydraulic oil in their operation. They are therefore 100% sustainable. All the gasses emitted by our varnishes and inks used to decorate our closures are regenerated. We comply with current regulations, avoiding the contamination of the atmosphere.

Our aluminium and cork stopper production plants, and lithography facilities, are based in Jerez. All Torrent Group Spain’s national and international commercial activity is managed from this location This is also where the Graphic Design Department is based. The aluminium closures factory in Jerez manufactures closures for liqueurs, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, wines (ROPP) and water.

We produce cork stoppers for Premium products, spirits and wines.

In 2018, coinciding with the celebration of our first centenary, we added cork stopper production to our list of activities after acquiring a flagship company linked to the Torrent family. Our cork manufacturing plant specialises in the production of closures for the liqueur, premium products and liqueur wine sectors. This type of natural cork, micro-granulated agglomerate bartop stoppers with a zamak, bakelite, wood or plastic head, are known for their ease of handling.

The Torrent Group manages all the stopper manufacture production processes internally, enabling a close relationship with the company and helping to reduce costs and enable greater response capacity at a technical, commercial and personal level.