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ASECOR: Cork Cluster

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Asecor Cork Cluster is an Association created by the Sanvicenteña Association of Cork Entrepreneurs.

They are companies operating in the cork sector together with the University of Extremadura and Cicytex as knowledge providers in the area.

Asecor aims to represent all links in the cork value chain, including that of the cork industry:

  • owners
  • forestry companies
  • cork oak forests managers and foresters
  • extractors
  • stopper manufacturers
  • companies that use cork products

The objectives of the cluster is to achieve competitive improvement and greater market expansion for companies in the cork sector, for their own benefit and for all the actors involved in the cork value chain.

For ASECOR, it is about facilitating the formulation and development of collaborative innovation projects. Actions are promoted in order to enhance the knowledge required for innovation.

What are the objectives of ASECOR?

  • The cluster constantly promotes collaboration and networking between associated entities and companies together with other clusters and actors in the cork value chain.
  • Facilitates the generation of scientific knowledge.
  • Promote the formulation, development and management of collaborative innovation projects as well as the practice of innovative activities.
  • It helps its partners to find funding sources or other strategic partnership mechanisms.