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Torrent Group endorses with its certification policy a way of working and satisfying requirements, needs and expectations, planning, maintaining and improving the performance of its processes effectively and efficiently.

The group’s certifications are important since they ensure that it complies with internal processes in order to achieve and maintain a homogeneity of criteria, continuous improvement, internal prestige, employer branding, innovation, cost reduction, process improvement, etc. and aims to achieve the necessary levels of demand.

Torrent Group also has its own Certification policy with which it ensures legal compliance, guarantees that its evaluations are objective and impartial, provides trust and credibility, focuses on activities that add value, reduces bureaucracy and strengthens the brand image, etc.

Torrent Group Certification policy

Torrent Group has four plants in Spain (MC, CT,  CTISA, HTM), two plants in India and Kenya (ATC, TEAL) and is the leading group amongst international operators. It operates in the packaging sector, developing, designing, producing and marketing lithography, aluminium caps, cork stoppers and non-refillable stoppers, as well as a complete range of accessories for the bottling industry, supplied to the most important companies in the sector.

The Certification Policy of the Torrent Group (Quality, Environment, Safety and Health at work and Product Safety) states that the main objective of its activity is to offer closure solutions through innovative and distinctive designs with the aim of being leaders in the sector, satisfying the requirements of its customers whilst ensuring that it complies with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the products it designs, produces and supplies. To achieve these objectives, Torrent Group has implemented an Integrated Management System (IMS) based on standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BRC Packaging.

In its daily activity, Torrent Group promotes care for the environment and the continuous improvement of its processes and products, providing the necessary means not only to guarantee the safety of the members of the company, but also to effectively improve the conditions in which work and research activities are undertaken, thus raising the level of well-being and satisfaction.

For this reason, Torrent Group assumes a commitment and the maximum responsibility to define, implement, promote, maintain and review a Certification and Integrated Management policy encompassing Quality, Environment, Health and Safety in the workplace and Product Safety that satisfies said objective, in accordance with the following principles:

  • To adapt according to the nature, magnitude and environmental impacts of our activities and products, as well as the risks in terms of Health and Safety in the workplace. We are aware that we occupy a prominent place in the food chain. We are therefore focus constantly on prevention, minimization, awareness and environmental efficiency.
  • We are comprehensively committed to continuous improvement. This enables us to improve our relationship with customers, suppliers and interested parties and to prevent and reduce pollution and the risks of personal injury to its employees, suppliers and visitors.
  • We are committed to complying with all the requirements, whether legal, contractual or of any other nature, that are applicable to our products or our organization, guaranteeing the safety of the range of products manufactured.
  • We maximize the rational and efficient use of our resources. We measure and control all our processes, including actions aimed at reducing non-quality costs.
  • Let us consider communication as one of its basic pillars. In this way, we promote the participation and co-operation of all staff. We are committed to educating and training staff so that they can increase their productivity in all areas of the IMS.

To support all the objectives established in this comprehensive certification policy, Torrent Group Senior Management makes all the necessary resources available to the organization and establishes a series of objectives for each of our processes and products. Torrent Group ensures that these commitments are promoted, communicated and understood by all members of the organization.

Torrent Group Comprehensive Policy