ITENE | Grupo Torrent

ITENE: A technological Centre promoting technological, sustainable and scientific progress

ITENE | Grupo Torrent

Itene was founded on 30 May 1994 and is a Technological Centre constituted as a private non-profit association with a national scope.

The centre encourages technological advancement, the promotion of sustainability, scientific research, the development of the information society and the fields of packaging, logistics, transport and mobility, both in general terms and for any type of company.

Itene contributes directly or indirectly to the general benefit of society and is therefore an organization:

  • Research Results Transfer Office (OTRI)
  • Under the special tax regime regulated in Section II, LAw 49/2002 on tax incentives for Patronage.
  • Entered in the Innovation and Technology Centres Registry under no. 63, according to Royal Decree 2093/2008, 19 December.
  • It is a partner unit of the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) through the Institute for Agrochemistry and Food Technology (IATA).
  • Declared as a non-profit association (Official Spanish Gazette no. 115, 12 May 2004).

What does ITENE do for its customers?

Itene offers customers a comprehensive R + D + i vision that is applied to packaging and packing in order to maximize the chances of success in the launch of a new product.

What services does ITENE offer?

Amongst the services that Itene proposes, we can name the following:

  • Market acceptance measurement.
  • Market research and ad hoc trends.
  • Validation by consumers and users of innovative packaging.
  • Evaluation of different prototypes and usability tests according to technical parameters.
  • Simulation of the customer’s purchasing environment and calculation of design impacts.