The NR closure guarantees the source of spirits

The Non-refillable (NR) complies with the broadest glass pressure closure regulations in the liqueur and spirits sector, and is highly sensitive to counterfeiting, fraud and sabotage This bottling has been chosen in order to meet the need to guarantee the source and protect products from refilling and tampering in the market. 

For this reason, our NR closure aims to provide complex anti-refillable and extraction mechanisms. This system also simplifies the application of the product, enabling greater speed on production lines or the industrialization of the packaging process. Of course, it also guarantees the perfect condition of the product until its consumption.

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NR Closure for products with multiple interactions

For this type of bottling, we have multiple NR lines, combining several plastic materials and also incorporating aluminium in order to reinforce safety and perceived value. This range covers different standardized measures and their decoration enables a greater impact on the shelf, influencing the consumer’s purchase decision.

With the different options, we obtain different levels of pouring and security, constantly seeking the best consumer experience and influencing repeat purchases. The long consumption time of these packages makes consumers multiply their interactions with the product, so we must ensure functionality and maximize the user experience. At Torrent Group, we like to say that we face over 150 moments of truth.

Our NR closures are made of recyclable materials

Technically, the NR closure comprises several polymer and aluminium parts that interact mechanically, with a seal that tears or shows when it has been opened for the first time. This mechanical assembly enables the separation of materials whose composition means they are recyclable: aluminium, polypropylene and polyethylene. The aluminium supplied by our supplier comes from at least 90% recycled material, in part externally sourced and in part sourced from its own processes.