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CEP Plásticos: Spanish Plastic Industry Cluster

CEP Plásticos - Cluster of Plastics Industry | Grupo Torrent

CEP Plásticos is the first Spanish cluster in the plastics and composites industry, founded in 1953.

Since its launch, the main missions of CEP plásticos have been aimed at contributing to the establishment of a responsible culture regarding the use of plastic materials, which is why their objective is to offer technical-professional support to companies and their adjacent sectors.

  • Defense of plastic materials.
  • Active promotion of networking.
  • Technical studies.
  • Periodical publications with the news from the sector.
  • Technical training specialized in plastics.
  • Technical advice for companies.
  • Transfer of information of interest to members.
  • Disclosure of the latest technical developments.
  • International trade missions.

CEP Plastics Industry continuous international training courses

CEP offers continuous training that is made up of specialized courses in different fields of application of plastic materials and processes. These are often related to chemistry and quality, amongst other areas.

These courses are taught in different formats (face-to-face, video conference or webinar). As for technical advice, focus mainly falls on information related to materials, their processes and the environment.

CEP encourages the search for knowledge on the latest technological advances in plastics. For this purpose, it organizes different international technical conferences that are also combined with networking activity.

In 2015, CEP Cluster Spanish Plastics Industry became an Innovative Business Group, and in 2018 has renewed the Bronze Label certification as the First Spanish Cluster of Plastics and Composites.

CEP’s associates are from the following Industry sectors:

  • 51% Plastics and composites processors.
  • 18% Manufacturers and distributors of raw materials.
  • 6% Manufacturers and distributors of machinery and peripheral equipment.
  • 4% Technology centres.
  • 8% Engineering and software distributors.
  • 3% Other sectors related to the plastics industry.