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ISO 14001 2015: improving our environmental performance

ISO 14001 2015 standard is an Environmental Management System for the demands of society. It is highly sensitive towards environmental issues and is more demanding of the companies’ environmental performance. Customers with a growing awareness of the environment prefer to do business with companies that share the same philosophy, increasing the company’s competitiveness.

This standard is internationally recognized and is a distinctive feature contributing to improving the company’s image.



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Requirements of UNE 14001 2015 standard:

  • Torrent Group has established an environmental policy in accordance with the company’s activity.
  • The company has identified all environmental aspects that arise from its activities, services and products, in addition to determining all their significant environmental impacts.
  • Torrent Closures sought to identify the general requirements that can be applied as well as legal requirements.
  • Priorities must be identified and all appropriate environmental goals and objectives set.
  • The structure and the programme must be promoted in order for the policy to be applied and for objectives to be achieved.
  • The implementation, control, corrective and preventive actions should be facilitated, in addition to follow-up and review audits conducted, in order to ensure compliance with the policy and the Environmental Management System in an appropriate way.

Torrent Group’s Quality Department continually revises and evaluates ISO 140001:2015 standard in order to achieve the identification of problems and implement continuous improvements, taking into account economic factors and other circumstances.

Advantages of ISO 14001 2015 standard:

  • Contributes to the reduction of waste and energy consumption.
  • Demonstrates compliance with environmental legal requirements, creating confidence amongst all interested parties.
  • Promotes adaptation to a globalized and constantly evolving environment.
  • Establishes objectives to minimize the impact on the environment, communicating this to all interested parties.
  • Increases competitiveness in an increasingly demanding market in terms of sustainability.