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Sustainability for Eco-responsible growth

When people, companies and institutions talk about sustainability, many themes and interests coalesce.

We understand sustainable development as the process by which the economic, social, cultural diversity and healthy environment requirements of the current generation are met, without putting these at risk for future generations.

This definition ranges from small daily gestures such as recycling at home to how companies produce and distribute their products, how politicians and institutions develop laws and mechanisms to channel efforts or penalize according to a given practice, or for example the human being’s own sustainability, as we are another resource in the world.

Torrent Group’s Sustainable development objectives

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Torrent Group and creating a culture of sustainability

At Torrent Group, we believe that sustainability is the search for a balance between economic, social and environmental care. Both at the company and employee level, and we include our families in that. We have a clear responsibility in this area that affects all of us and in particular our business due to the type of product we develop, whether cork, aluminium or plastic stoppers.

As a broad and high concept, it is important to use understandable language that the entire company can handle in an easy way and that ends up being part of our corporate culture. (link with concepts for understanding Sustainability).

EcoResponsibility Strategy

Sustainability is included in our mission as a company and is not just a simple statement of principles, but articulated or implemented in practice under a programme that we call: “EcoResponsability”.

Given the breadth of the concept and in order to create continuous change in a transversal manner, the programme is structured in different work areas and initiatives that range from product design, logistics, origin and certification of our raw materials, the energy we use, the health of our employees, and several other actions in that area.

Through our EcoResponsability strategy in the company, we have already carried out many actions and devised new projects in:

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Actions that promote lower impact in the area of our design department.

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Continuous improvements in the process area that help reduce environmental impacts. Improvements in technology and materials.

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Actions whose objective is to improve the quality of life of our human resources by providing them with better working conditions.

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Strategic partnerships with different groups, organizations or institutions that help us in the continuous improvement in our Ecoresponsibility programme.

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We design internal and external communication strategies to encourage care for the environment.

Find out in detail about our action programme for “Ecoresponsibility” strategies at Torrent Group.