ANAIP, National Independent Plastics Industry Association

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ANAIP, National Independent Plastics Industry Association. Since 1957, the Association representing and uniting groups within the Spanish plastics processing industry.

It is the Association recognized as an interlocutor for the plastics sector with government administration and other national and international organizations.

Represents the industry with a voice and influence in the different forums of interest.

ANAIP’s main concern is to promote the development of the plastics industry, promoting Innovation and Quality.

Has highly qualified and highly experienced professionals, both in the associative and industrial sectors.

Respect for the Environment as a premise

In the constant search to improve the quality of life in society, promotes a greater and more appropriate use of the products produced in the sector, with the maximum respect for the care for the environment.

ANAIP has a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience, both in the industrial and associative sectors.

The Association’s Vision and Mission

ANAIP aims to be the key association for the Spanish Plastic Processing Industry. It is managed by professionals committed to the industry’s development.

Since its foundation, the mission of ANAIP was always very clear:

  • To unite, represent and defend the Spanish plastics processing industry.
  • Share the most up-to-date knowledge about plastics.
  • Have a voice and influence in forums of interest in the plastics industry.
  • Promote the development of the plastics industry, promoting quality and innovation.
  • Create a meeting forum for its associates, a support and promotion body.

ANAIP Memberships

  • ANAIP is a member of the following National and International Associations.
  • CEOE: Spanish Confederation of Employers’ Organizations
  • EuPC: European Plastics Converters
  • UNE: Spanish Standardization Association
  • AENOR: Certifying Body
  • PMCM: Multisectoral Platform against Bad Debt
  • CEPCO: Spanish Confederation of Construction Product Manufacturers Associations
  • TEPPFA: The European Plastic Pipe and Fittings Association

ANAIP Structure

It has four divisions per market, such as meeting and networking forums for associated companies with common interests.

  • Packaging
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Industry

It also has eight work areas divided into different commissions from which services are offered to associates.

  • Customer Service and Management
  • Communication and Marketing
  • Technical, Environmental and Energy Affairs
  • Standardization and Certification
  • Training
  • Institutional Relationships
  • Socio-Industrial
  • Economic Affairs and Foreign Trade