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Systecode: Quality Guarantee System for the Cork industry

Certificado Systecode | Grupo Torrent

The Systecode Certification is a quality assurance system for the cork industry established by the European Cork Federation (Celiege), an organization representing all the associations of cork producers in Europe.

The Systecode Certification reflects the company’s commitment to its production techniques, requiring a broad and deep knowledge of materials, and absolute respect for environmental, hygiene and safety regulations at work.  The aim of this certification is to respond to the concerns of cork users (both companies and end consumers) regarding traceability during its manufacture.

The Systecode Certification, in short, is an accreditation system by independent experts (in this case Bureau Veritas) employed in order to confirm that good manufacturing methods for cork stoppers are being used.

What is the scope of the auditable requirements in the Systecode Certification?



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Systecode Certification Requirements

Systecode certifies compliance with the requirements included in the International Code of Stopper Practices.

The aspects dealt with in this internal and specific regulation of the cork sector are framed within Quality Management activities from the point of view of processes and resources. Specifically, it regulates areas such as product production, resource management, monitoring and measurement of processes or purchases.

The implementation of the Systecode Certification ensures maximum excellence in product performance through compliance with requirements carried out in all phases of the production processes.

Systecode Certification Advantages

Companies accredited with the Systecode Certification can guarantee their customers that their products are in compliance with standards, since their production processes have been checked and objectively analysed.