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Torrent Innova: innovation and development strategies in our closures

At Torrent Group, we rely on Torrent Innova, a company dedicated solely and exclusively to the analysis of the R + D + I activity of our company at a national and international level. A qualified team of technicians combining innovation and development strategy with the patent system.

Torrent Innova approaches closure solutions as a continuous challenge

At Torrent Innova, our R+D+I department approaches the development of closure solutions as a continuous challenge. We give the highest priority to our customers’ requests, enabling new experiences in the use of closures which facilitate bottling and which identify the product in the market as an exclusive item. All this entails an added value for the end consumer.

For this, design and aesthetics are key factors in the technological development of closures. The analysis of the technical knowledge required and the application of the latest technologies, such as additive manufacturing or simulation of finite elements, enables us to put unique closure solutions on the market.

Revolutionary stopper models from Torrent Innova

Design, decoration, the development of more ecological and efficient processes, patents and launches of models that are revolutionary in terms of their innovation (V90, Sintra, Jaipur, Captor, Capceló), the application of cost reduction, the internal development of the entire production process, “ad hoc” closure solutions and new protection systems to prevent counterfeiting: these factors characterize a professional operation based on continuous improvement and innovation that has been the key to becoming a leading company in the closures sector.

Torrent Group’s investment in R + D + I has contributed to its growth, competitiveness and solvency, making it a leading global manufacturer of plastic, aluminium and cork stoppers for the extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) industry and one of the leading producers of non-refillable stoppers for high-alcohol content spirits.

These premises have allowed us to engage with the world. In the last decade, our international expansion has been remarkable, with factories opened in India and in Africa, and new distributors recruited in Mexico and Colombia, in addition to the over 25 we already work with.