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Universidad de Huelva | Grupo Torrent

Recently, Torrent Group signed an agreement with the university of Huelva to implement a vision and quality control system for aluminium printing processes.

We approached the university with the aim of identifying synergies in the field of technology as a way of setting a course for sustainable and lasting growth over time.

The university of Huelva and Torrent Group work together to implement a quality control system in the aluminium printing processes

Through our contact with the specialists of the Vision Systems, Prediction, Optimization and Monitoring Research Group at the Huelva Higher Technical School of Engineering, we have installed a specific visual inspection system, consisting of a tri-linear CMOS colour sensor, and integrated LED white lighting, ideal for colour scanning of flat objects at a resolution of 600 dots per inch.

The accuracy of this type of scanner favours excellent colour reproduction and perfect resolution without any additional effort in the configuration. The images generated by a contact sensor does not usually display distortion because its long line maps the object on a one-to-one scale.

Therefore, the quality of the colour printing on the aluminium of the stoppers is practically perfect. This ensures the success of pre-print in the decoration of aluminium stoppers.