OCS: We Are Operation Clean Sweep

Torrent Group has been awarded OCS (Operation Clean Sweep) Certification. This confirms that we are a company committed to our environment and society, according to the AENOR organization.

The OCS (Operation Clean Sweep) Programme is a global initiative of the industry in general, which aims to reduce the loss of pellets (primary microplastics). Torrent has been part of this initiative for over a year.



ocs logo | Grupo Torrent España

What does being OCS certified mean?

As part of the programme, Grupo Torrent undertakes to implement 5 main measures in its production processes:

  • Prioritize the objective of “zero pellet loss” in order to reassess the entire production system.
  • Make employees aware of the importance of being committed to such goals.
  • Monitor the success of this management through measurable indicators.
  • Adhere to applicable local and national regulations.
  • Transform the company into a defender and promotor of the programme’s benefits for its own suppliers, partners and customers, in order to recruit more volunteers to the project.

In fact, implementing OCS brings great benefits to an organization.

The benefits of implementing the OCS certification

Among the advantages of working within an OCS framework, we can highlight:

  • Participating in voluntary initiatives.
  • Reducing the impact of our production on the aquatic environment.
  • Reducing material waste, as well as maximizing the use of raw material.
  • Improving operational efficiency.
  • Guaranteeing compliance with local and national regulations on pellet control.
  • Increasing the reputation of Torrent Group and the plastics industry in general, which has recently come under great scrutiny.