EsPlásticos | Grupo Torrent

Esplásticos: the Plastics platform

EsPlásticos | Grupo Torrent

EsPlásticos is a project to bring together the different actors that are part of the sector and of the plastics value chain. To date, it includes Aipc, Anape, Anarpla, Asemuplast, Asobiocom and Avep, and receives institutional support for CEOE and UNE.

The plastics platform is national in scope and is open to all agents of the plastics industry.

EsPlásticos Main Mission

The objective of this platform is to publicize the sustainable solutions that plastics offer to the challenges of society as well as highlight the numerous technical, economic, environmental and social advances that these unmatched materials have made and continue to make possible. Also, to promote its correct management so that the recycled material returns to the production process as raw material for new products.

Plastics are the best alternative available to curb climate change. If it were possible to replace all the plastics in the world with another material, we would use almost four times more raw material, more than double the energy and generate almost three times the emissions for the same products during their useful life. Without plastics, we would go back 100 years and it would be unsustainable for our planet.

Plastics and sustainability

The platform believes that the replacement of plastics with other materials could increase the problem of CO2 emissions and that it does not solve the problem of waste in the environment either.

Esplásticos believes that to reduce climate change it is necessary to select the best option in each product, taking into account their full life cycle.

They state that plastics are not our enemies but rather the best allies to stop climate change.