Torrent Group, over a century manufacturing high-quality stoppers and guaranteeing responsible consumption

Torrent Group has been in continuous evolution for over a century, innovating in the sector of closure solutions for the EVOO, spirits and wine markets: a testimony to our professional history at a national and international level. 

Torrent Group has six stopper factories located in Spain, India and Kenya. In addition, we have subsidiaries in Mexico, Colombia and the United Kingdom. We also operate in 25 countries through our distributors.

Our company is 100% family-owned and is not just another supplier. The customer is our partner and the focus of all our processes. We are capable of quickly adapting to all changes in the market in search of benefits for the manufacturer and the consumer, according to the characteristics of the country where our product will be used.

In this era of massive changes, where innovation in closure solutions revolves around customer care and the sustainability of the planet, we take a step further to safeguard the health of consumers. The use of non-refillable stoppers with a dispenser encourages responsible consumption, helps control pouring, reduces splashing and waste and ensures the correct volume during service.

Torrent is always researching and innovating new stoppers in order to respond to changes in the market, which are a continuous challenge. In order to meet all the requirements of our customers, we work on four key principles:

Cabecera Biopolimeros 1 | Grupo Torrent España

At the forefront in the use of state-of-the-art materials

Microgranulated cork, biopolymers, aluminium, polymers, zamak or wood… Cutting-edge materials for closure solutions that stand out with their quality, practicality and innovation. 

The Torrent Group is immersed in the constant search for state-of-the-art materials that are perfectly compatible with the strict sanitary regulations of the food sector, offer great decorative options, add value to product packaging and are widely recyclable.

Sustainable growth in the Industrial, Social an Environmental fields

Growing in a sustainable way over time means being Eco Responsible with our Industrial, Social and Environmental environment. We cannot forget where we come from and where we are. One of the most welcoming and open places in the world. 

Cabecera Ecoresponsabilidad | Grupo Torrent España

We started manufacturing cork stoppers over 100 years ago. Our passion for nature is reflected in our management of part of Los Alcornocales Natural Park, the property of the Torrent family, where some of the cork that we use to give life to our stoppers grows. But none of this would be possible without every little thing the “Torrent Tribe” does every day.  We are aware that we don’t just make stoppers… We are dedicated to protecting what really matters to us in the most sustainable and safe way: Your product.

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The customer is the Focus

At the Torrent Group, we set ourselves challenges every day by always making the customer the focus of all our activity. So many years of experience, working together with our customers, have led us to where we are today. We work every day to improve the experience of our customers. We support all their requirements, anticipating responses and offering customized solutions.

We like to be close to our customers in order to learn first-hand about their needs, their challenges and their strategy, and therefore become part of their value chain. So much so, that in the last decade we have opened factories in India and Kenya, as well as finding distributors in Mexico, Colombia and the United Kingdom. We operate in a further 25 countries throughout the world. 

From the south of Spain, where our headquarters are located, and the manufacturing plants for cork, polymer and aluminium stoppers, our company’s different departments support our domestic and international customers. We also work with Universities and public and private organizations. Because, in the end, we provide bottle closures for someone to open them and enjoy a unique experience!

Innovation, safety and design, safe values

A highly qualified technical team is in charge of Torrent Innova, where the development of platforms for closures, their applications, patents and designs, is a continuous challenge over time.

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