Beefeater Black, the new Premium gin from Pernod Ricard | Torrent Group

Recently, Pernod Ricard has launched Beefeater Black. A new premium addition to their gin line, featuring the non-refillable aluminium safety closures from Torrent Group.

Our non-refillable closures complement a premium packaging inspired by the black ravens that guard the Tower of London’s jewels, a city that marks both the origins and the name of this legendary gin. We already crowned Beefeater red in Spain and the United Kingdom, also with safety closures.

Torrent Group’s non-refillable capsules for liquors and spirits come with various safety systems. Counterfeiting and refilling of liquors are common practices in some countries, causing health problems among the population and significant losses for the industry.

Therefore, in the case of Beefeater Black, the design of our capsules is carefully coordinated with the image of its label in white and gold, ensuring aesthetic coherence between the two. These aluminium capsules feature an opening system that shows evidence of opening after its first use.

Beefeater Black: a new premium reference of its iconic Beefeater Dry

Beefeater Black aims to satisfy loyal consumers craving a unique consumption experience for special occasions, as well as attracting new customers by offering them an exceptional gin experience. The new gin adds to the brand’s already diverse catalogue and represents an evolution of its iconic Beefeater London Dry Gin.

Crafted by the world’s most experienced master distiller, Desmond Payne, and in honour of the Tower of London’s black ravens, Beefeater Black presents a perfectly balanced gin that elevates the Beefeater experience to the next level.

A gin that maintains the nine original botanicals of Beefeater London Dry Gin, adding thyme and lemon verbena, which provide a unique and herbaceous touch to the flavour profile. With a fresh, light, and floral character, yet maintaining the classic style thanks to the juniper, this gin promises a palate experience where the oil of sweet citrus is the protagonist from the first sip.

This launch is seen as an ambitious strategy to conquer the market and create a significant impact on the sector, with the confidence that Beefeater Black will be a resounding success in the gin market.