4 FAQs about cork stoppers | Torrent Group

The cork stoppers manufactured at Torrent Closures are high-performance closure solutions, with a quality guarantee that meet the requirements specified by our customers.

Torrent has been in the cork-stopper market for over a century. Leading spirits and EVOO manufacturers consistently rely on our services, making us one of the most prestigious brands in the world.

Companies looking for suitable cork closure solutions often have queries related to manufacturing and product development. Today we want to review some of the most frequently asked questions about our cork closures that our customers ask us when we assist them in their search for the perfect cork for their product.

Cork and its qualities

Cork is a renewable, biodegradable and one hundred percent natural material. It is the bark of the Cork Oak, which has its own unique characteristics:

  • it is tough
  • it provides thermal insulation
  • it is waterproof
  • it is flame retardant and hypoallergenic

Advantages of cork stoppers

Cork is used in the production of closure solutions as it is a material that provides lightness, elasticity, porosity, strength and compressibility.

In addition, it can be extracted sustainably, as it guarantees the maintenance of cork oak forests, which capture CO2, therefore combating climate change and desertification, and preserving the forest ecosystem and biodiversity

Lastly, cork is recyclable and reusable.

Types of cork and the best closure option

There are three types of cork stoppers according to their composition: natural, synthetic and microgranulated cork.

Microgranulated cork is the most recommended option for ensuring the best performance compared to natural and synthetic solutions.

Compared to natural cork, microgranulate is not affected by the settling of cork microparticles or tannins. In addition, TCA is controlled by guarantee and has better organoleptic and mechanical properties.

If we compare it with synthetic cork, microgranulated cork is more sustainable, offers a more competitive price and provides more value for the end consumer.

Torrent cork closures compared to others

The qualities of our cork stoppers distinguish them from the competition. Here are the most important:

  • Torrent stoppers are the result of over 100 years of experience in the use of cork for manufacturing closure solutions
  • For its manufacture, we use the latest moulding technology, incorporating innovatory concepts developed through the work of the company’s R&D department, called Torrent Innova
  • Our stoppers are manufactured under a demanding sustainability policy, through our eco-designs and eco-processes, which guarantee a sustainable cork closure as a final result.

Our commitment to the planet

Humanity has understood the importance of respecting the environment and natural resources. Taking care of planet Earth: the search for the common good is something to which states, companies and consumers must be committed on a daily basis in order to maintain and advance progress.

The Torrent Group supports this cause and that is why we have developed our line of sustainable cork stoppers.

As we say at Torrent, “Earth” is the expression of a return to our roots, to the land: to cork. It is a new concept where the cork is the star feature, emerging from the bottle to be combined with other equally natural elements such as bioplastics or metals, in order to build a sustainable closure solution, aesthetically superior and fully functional for the needs of the end consumer.