Eco-responsibility | Torrent Group

The Torrent Group is firmly committed eco-responsibility through all its company activities. For decades, we have been working on the development of sustainable products, with an eye on the future of our planet and on the next generations.

For this reason, we manufacture high-quality closure solutions for olive oils, vinegar, liqueurs, spirits and all types of wine, and are committed to innovation and continuous improvement in our Eco-processes.

Responsible measures to develop a sustainable culture

In the search for an increasingly Eco-responsible production, we have implemented different measures in recent years.

  • We have applied sustainable technology to the manufacturing processes of our stoppers and in their distribution, reducing their weight and making them more functional. In this way, only the required material is used for our cork, aluminium or plastic stoppers, which is just one advantage.
  • Optimized packaging. We have reduced the grammage and size of the packaging of the cardboard boxes in which our closures are distributed, as well as the film from the packaging of the storage pallets, which in turn are mostly reused. Today, cork shipping boxes are 100% recyclable.
  • We use of biodegradable materials.
  • We improve the recyclability of the materials used in production. We have a pre-consumer plastic mechanical recycling plant, among other facilities that reduce the waste of materials.
  • Torrent’s energy consumption is largely generated by our own renewable energy facilities. We also have agreements with suppliers who have adopted green energy use policies. Our objective in the search for Eco-responsibility is for 100% of energy consumed to be renewable. Regarding energy, we have Eco-machine electric injection machines. In addition, we use LED luminaires and FRIGEL equipment that make consumption more optimal.

All this is part of the constant strengthening of our Eco-responsibility plans, which we encourage and ratify through alliances and agreements with private and government agencies in order to increase our sustainability.

Certifications, alliances and collaborations

Eco-responsibility is an increasingly important business practice in today’s market. The term appeals to the responsibility of companies to minimize the environmental impact of their own operation on the planet and thus maximize their contribution to sustainable development.

Torrent Group approaches the problem from different perspectives, and we continually seek alliances and collaborations that help us to grow. We have recently become part of OCS (Ocean Clean Sweep), which promotes the handling of plastic resin with a goal of zero loss of granules, flakes or dust, as well as good practices for the administration of this waste.

We also have ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and 14001 (Environmental Management) certifications and have collaborated in this regard with the European Innovation Agency and the University of Cádiz (UCA), among other prestigious institutions.

Furthermore, through our R&D department, the Innovation Lab, we invest in the search for better products, with better quality and less negative environmental impact.

Torrent Group and Eco-responsibility: an ongoing commitment

Our commitment to Eco-responsibility leads us to think and rethink how we can evolve in our designs, manufacturing, energy consumption, human resource management, marketing campaigns and all the variables that make a company “Eco-responsible”.

We organize our Eco-responsibility strategy around different themes. You can find more information about that strategy by clicking here.