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What if we told you that the consumption of your customers is not entirely guaranteed? What if we told you that the safety and image of your company could be harmed? What if we told you that consumers can lose trust in the products you serve?

Yes. All this can happen. After decades of working on the innovation and consolidation of accurate products for quality markets in Spain, a well-known brand of liqueurs has announced that it will no longer use the non-refillable stopper with a dispenser for its bottles. Due to the request for information that Torrent Group has received from the hospitality sector, we would like to highlight the benefits of non-refillable closure solutions.

The benefits of using the non-refillable stopper.

In the hospitality sector, the use of non-refillable stoppers with dispensers encourages #responsibleconsumption It helps control flow rate and the amount being poured, reduces splash and waste and ensures the correct volume of service in an industry burdened by excise duties on alcohol. It increases the sustainability of businesses, the degree of customer satisfaction and protects consumer health. The use of a non-refillable stopper generates more benefits, control, confidence and security.

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By simply going on the internet, and you will find dozens of news stories about the damage caused by the consumption of adulterated alcohol in countries where the safety of alcohol bottles is not a priority and the use of non-refillable stoppers is not widespread. MoroccoIndiaMexicoPeru, EcuadorIranDominican Republic and Russia recently accumulated deaths from the consumption of adulterated alcoholic beverages.

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Over 50 years ago, Torrent Group took its first steps in terms of safety and public health care concerning the manufacture of stoppers. 1972 saw the first patent and launch of the internal non-refillable stopper. Since then, we have not stopped innovating in this area as pioneers in security, anti-counterfeiting and re-filling systems. At that time, we were the leaders of a complete revolution that caused a very positive change in the non-refillable stopper sector. We incorporated and developed all the technology required in order to provide our customers with quality closure solutions..

Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+i) have been key factors in supplying non-refillable stoppers that guarantee the genuineness of the product, its source and correct dosage. In this way, a brand value is given to the products that use them, the consumer gains greater confidence in their use and the image of the packaging is enhanced.

By using the non-refillable stopper, we encourage the consumer to improve how they pour the products, especially oils and liqueurs. Similarly, the consumer associates the consumption of spirits with greater food safety, as it is clear that they are consuming a genuine, unadulterated and high-quality product.

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