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The Torrent Group line of sustainable stoppers values the use of natural materials in the manufacture of closure solutions. Behind this range of Bartops stoppers is the philosophy of returning to our origins, to the earth: that is, rescuing and recovering the values of caring for the environment by using the different natural resources  provided by our planet in a responsible and sustainable manner.

At Torrent, through our production sustainability programmes, we staunchly defend our vision that it is possible to build and maintain a high-quality industry without this being to the detriment of caring for the resources that Nature provides. That is why we select and manage the natural materials used according to a highly demanding criteria from the point of view of sustainability.

At our plants in Europe (Spain), Africa (Kenya) and Asia (India), we use standard processes that ensure the brand’s sustainability, the different natural materials in order to obtain closure solutions that guarantee non-refillability and an excellent user experience for the end consumer.

Cork microgranulate

Cork is one of the finest natural materials. Sustainably extracted from the bark of the cork oak, it is a light, elastic, tough and compressible material.

Cork is recyclable and reusable. With some processing methods such as microgranulation, waste is drastically reduced, which is why it is also a highly efficient material in terms of consumption.

As we have mentioned, cork extraction is sustainable, enabling the maintenance of cork oak forests in Spain.  These forests perform a very important role at an ecological level by capturing CO2, which contributes to combating climate change and desertification (they preserve the forest ecosystem and biodiversity).


Bioplastic is a type of plastic whose use in industries is on the rise. This type of material is a monomer that comes from natural and renewable resources of non-fossil origin. Due to this characteristic, biobased plastics avoid the depletion of fossil resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Bioplastic is recyclable and, in some cases, also biodegradable.


Another of the natural materials that we use a lot at Torrent Group for our closing solutions is aluminium. A notable property of this metal is that it can be recycled in its entirety and repeatedly without losing its fine qualities. Furthermore, another interesting fact about aluminium is that it is the most abundant element in the earth’s crust after oxygen and silicon.

The processing of aluminium for recycling requires 5% of the energy that production from virgin aluminium would use, so recycling decreases the consumption of available energy by 95%, therefore decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

Terra Range

Torrent Group took this approach in order to create the Terra Range of closure solutions: a line of high quality stoppers made with the finest natural materials in a completely sustainable way.