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The Osborne Group has recently launched the exclusive, limited-edition Brandy 1866.. Torrent Group has been tasked with providing he premium closure solution for Brandy 1866: an “ad hoc” stopper that combines design and innovation, as well as the use of materials noted for their versatility, such as microgranulated cork, polymer and zamak.

The exclusive Brandy 1866 closure solution is manufactured by Torrent

The exclusive Brandy 1866 is created in the old cellars of Osborne, one of the oldest wine and spirits producers in Spain, with over 200 years of experience in the field.

The Osborne Group has tasked Torrent with the design and manufacture of a bartop-style closure solution for its unique, limited-edition brandy.

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The bartop stopper is a closure that ensures the quality of liqueurs and spirits.

BarTop stoppers are generally used in liqueurs or beverages such as brandy, sherry wine, cognac and whiskey, amongst others. Liqueurs and spirits that demand a high rate of excellence from the point of view of packaging, according to the quality of the products.

In this sense, the new Brandy 1866 packaging design includes a Torrent closure from the range of BarTop high-quality stopper solutions. These stoppers meet the fundamental requirements of our company’s mission: safety, sustainability and the relentless pursuit of improving the consumer use experience.

Characteristics of the BarTop stoppers:

On the one hand, the base of the stopper is the part of the closure that is in contact with the liquid, and therefore must be prepared to withstand the highest demands. At Torrent Closures, we use only microgranulated natural cork to produce BarTop. We oversee the entire process of disinfecting the cork; we maximise all material in the form of cork powder, which also means, thanks to the production process, that we do not generate waste when finishing the stoppers. This is therefore a 100%-sustainable stopper.

It is an improved version of the traditional cork stopper because it provides multiple benefits, optimizes the use of material and produces a more delicate end result.

How is this achieved? The natural microgranulation preserves the quality of liqueurs and spirits because it maintains the positive properties of a fine, natural and renewable material such as natural cork. Its advantage lies in its ability to counter some disadvantages (TCA, low productivity, porosity and the impossibility of adapting the product, amongst others).

On the other hand, the crown of the BarTop stopper, which is the upper end of the closure, consists of a capsule that can be made of zamak, bio-based polymer, metal (aluminium), porcelain, wood, glass or other fine materials. The stopper’s crown is a unique, customer-specific design.

Furthermore, from the aesthetic point of view, the packaging of Brandy 1866 has been sealed with a stopper topped with a delicately designed crown: a metallic colour outline with just the right shine. In the centre, in gold, is the number that marks the year when the brand was founded. That is what make it unique.

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What is Brandy 1866?

Brandy 1866 has been developed on the basis of the distillation of carefully selected wines. This and other features make Brandy 1866 a drink that manages to maintain its prestige as a unique product, with a very strong identity based on the highest quality of production, which gives it a distinctive and exceptional flavour.

This achievement has been largely enabled by the Tiers and Solera System, comprising 16 scales of sherry casks, unique in the world, and the entire process of the brandy’s production through the greatest care and attention.

To begin with, the wines with which this unique product is created are aged in sherry casks for an average period of 12 years. These sherry casks have been put to good use, housing the best Osborne wines. The brand’s Master Blender then makes a selection, finally choosing those that will have the honour of completing the brandy’s life cycle.

As we mentioned before, this is possibly the largest number of sherry casks used for a brandy or any spirit in the world. This method leads to the final result: a drink with an unmistakable flavour and a wide range of aromas.

Torrent: one of Spain’s most prestigious brands

1866 is the height of excellence in brandies: a masterpiece achieved by an unprecedented system of 16 scales of tiers and soleras. Developed by Osborne, a prestigious national family business that has won numerous prizes and awards throughout its 200-year history.

For the Torrent Group, providing this iconic Spanish brand with a secure closure that is comfortable to use and aesthetically suitable is one more step towards excellence and sustainability as part of our continuous growth. Once again, it puts us in the role of leading company when it comes to the market for security closure solutions for international-quality liquors and spirits