Global recycling day | Torrent Group

Today we are celebrating Global Recycling Day. Torrent Group is supporting this event on 17 May as part of its commitment to preserving the most precious asset we have: our planet.

A paradigm shift is taking place across all areas of society concerning consumption. This transformation is making companies ask themselves one question: Who do we produce for and how do we produce?

In this sense, Torrent Group has redesigned processes and made important decisions in recent years in order to renew our production facilities and make them fully compatible with our sustainability and recycling objectives.

Through its sustainability programmes in production, Torrent defends at all costs our vision that it is possible to build and maintain a high-quality industry without this being to the detriment of caring for the resources that Nature has given us.

In addition, our industry recycles 100% of its polymer and aluminium waste. We should also remember that at all our production plants, we separate all the waste that we generate in containers suitable for this purpose.

The materials we use to manufacture our closure solutions are recycled. From cork microgranulate, to bioplastic and aluminium, recycling processes are essential. The recycling of raw material is one of the fundamental factors behind us offering our customers the most optimal closure solution for their product.

That’s why we manufacture stoppers that comply with current regulations for recycling and maintaining sustainability. These are our most outstanding closures for this purpose:

BarTop Stoppers and their recycling

Our BarTop stoppers, in their two lines (BarTop stoppersand Terra range), have a unique design, which guarantees a pleasant user experience for the consumer.

Beyond the purely aesthetic, these closure solutions have a “minimalist” concept, which means less raw material is used (only what is strictly necessary) and leftovers are not wasted.

Such use occurs mainly in the microgranulated cork BarTop stoppers, where the discarded material can be reused, ensuring a 100% sustainable product.

Pilfer/stelcap stopper for EVOO, wines, liqueurs and spirits

Our line of Pilfer/Stelcap closure solutions is a world leader in the market for liqueurs, spirits and high-quality EVOOs.

In addition, they are products with a strong recycling component. In fact, 90% of the discarded material is reused through a Torrent eco-process where a supplier collects the materials and recovers them so that they can be re-integrated into the production process.

The glue-free assembly of the stopper facilitates recycling, as it makes the separation of some materials used in the manufacture of the stopper, such as aluminium or polyethylene, more accessible and easier.

NPN stoppers for liqueurs and spirits

Another Torrent Closures product with Eco-processes that prioritize recycling are Non-refillable Pressure Nozzles (NPN). These high-security closure solutions (they prevent counterfeiting of sensitive drinks such as spirits, whiskeys or wines) use materials such as plastic or aluminium.

Here we also have a policy of reusing discarded materials, through the design of sophisticated recovery processes that involve not only our own personnel and equipment, but also services from external providers.

To summarize: Torrent Group is delighted to celebrate Global Recycling Day. On days such as these, we are fortunate to be able to stop for a few moments and think about what we are doing to achieve our eco-responsibility goals and how we are going about this. Because caring for the environment is everyone’s job. Every day of the week.