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Four decades ago, the Torrent Group, developed, patented and launched the world’s first 100% non-refillable stopper. We perceived the need to provide liqueurs with a secure system against refilling and falsification at that time. Only a material like plastic offered those guarantees. Since then, and until now, we have not stopped evolving and offering the market different options for closing solutions, adapting to the branding and the needs of the products.

Advantages of plastic

            The use of plastic in the closure sector is essential. It provides safety, design, innovation, malleability and has multiple properties that other types of materials do not have. Plastic is light, innocuous and mouldable. And it is easily recyclable.

To show another of the advantages of plastic, we give you a simple example: When we obtain sulfuric acid, which is one of the most corrosive materials that exists, in what container is it presented? We all know that in a polyethylene batch. This means that plastic is a very stable material and does not transfer any of the components it houses. The security it offers is impeccable.

            In the case of the food and drink industry,  plastic containers  offer stability in terms of use and are the most guaranteed material on the market. The plastics used by Torrent Group for stoppers are fully suitable for food use. Of course, they comply with the strict legislation stipulated by the European brand. The polymer is a highly studied material and its conditions are highly measured. Due to its processes, the product it protects has no risk of contamination

            Without going any further, another of the advantages of plastic in the manufacture of our non-refillable stoppers is that they close liquor bottles that sometimes protect the product for more than 10 years, without losing its quality and maintaining all its properties. Plastic non-refilling systems, in addition to helping us preserve the qualities of the product, avoid filling and counterfeiting, provide us with synergies with other materials that, in our case, allow us to offer the customer a wide range of closures for each type. of product.

            On the other hand, and thinking about the user’s safety, the pourers of the closure systems must be plastic. Did you know that the consumer uses each bottle of oil that has a non-refillable stopper over 150 times? Just imagine, for a moment, that that pourer was made of glass. Does this ensure the stable use of that bottle and the safety of the user?

            The Torrent Group tries to apply simple solutions to complex challenges, looking for fluid measures that favour the best alternatives. Polymers help us in this regard due to their versatility. Eliminating plastics is not the solution, since they offer more good properties than bad ones.

Science is working hard on biomaterials, which solves the CO2 footprint in their manufacture. However, it is currently not a feasible reality for different reasons. But, that is not entirely the solution. If we replace plastics with other raw materials, the waste dumped in the oceans and littered on forest floors will also end. In short, it is a problem of waste management and awareness at a social and administrative level.

Torrent is constantly engaged in sustainable actions . In fact, and with regard to thermoplastics, all the items that are not usable from production on a daily basis are reused again.

Although we focus on the advantages of plastic and its use, the issue is the non-management of waste. Of this material that concerns us, and of all the others. Creating the habit of recycling any disposable material must be inherent to our way of being.